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Couples Who Followed Through On A 'Marriage Pact' Explain How Their Relationships Are Going
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Nobody wants to die alone. That is one of life's more basic truths. We all hope there is going to be a familiar hand to hold and a pair of eyes that witnessed our lives looking into us as we drift off to meet our maker. That feels like the basics of marriage. Well that and a permanent booty call.

That's why a lot of people turn to a trusted friend to maybe one day be a love interest. It's always good to have a fail-safe and a back up. And the older you get the more the chase becomes too much run through, so why not make it easy? It's like... "hey so and so... you wanna get hitched by this date, in case?"

BAM! Instant I Do.

Redditor u/shansnewone wanted the betrothed out there to tell us about their relationship successes and fails, by asking:

Couples who got married on the basis: "if we're both not married by (x) years old, we'll marry each other" how did things work out?
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People Who Have Actually Gone Through With A Marriage Pact Share Their Story

Nobody wants to die alone. Though we may not admit it, we've all thought about having a love story that lasts until the end of time. Sometimes many of us don't get that lucky. So we start to peruse our sea of possibilities in those nearest and dearest or those acquaintances that are a looker. Forging a pact so that you have guaranteed company later in life isn't a terrible idea.

Redditor u/devilsdickpic wanted to hear from all the marrieds out there who are willing to share about their love story by asking.... Who here has actually married their "Let's get married if we're still single by 40" person, and what's the story?

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People Who Went Through With A "Single At 40" Marriage Pact With A Friend Reveal What Happened
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We all joke about it from time to time: "If we're still single by this date, we'll get married ourselves!" But do any people actually go through with it?

That was the basis for today's burning question from Redditor how-the-turn-tables, who asked the online community: Has anyone ever honoured one of those "if we're still single at 40 let's get married" commitments? How did it go?

Turns out people do go through with it, and the stories are about as interesting as you'd expect.

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