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Love takes work, time and a whole lot of patience. They never tell you about that part. That should really be added to the fairytales.

Every love story should have a strong epilogue written in, and in each epilogue is where we should be learning about the pitfalls, mistakes and all out war concerning relations that proceed... "I Do."

Single people need warnings about certain behaviors to watch out for, from our partners and ourselves. Marriage isn't easy, but it can last forever with enough effort.

Redditor u/New_Presentation5105 asked for some relationship advice from all the lovebirds out there, by asking:

Married people of reddit , what something you wish unmarried people knew?
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Oh boy.... you boys are a handful.

In this day and age looking for love or the perfect man can be an exhausting process that feels like a fate worse then death. Everyone is so focused on the usual checklist. Looks. Charm. Job. Money. Sensitive.... and the rest of the same ole. But really the key to some hearts, probably most, can be the unexpected know how that reaches outside the box. Being a good kisser is great (a must actually) but can you groom the dog? Can you dance a jig? Maybe its time to learn. Make fudge naked? Shall we discuss?

Redditor u/oohara wanted all the boys to gather round with a pen and pad and listen up for some important tips... it was asked.... Women of reddit, what are some (unexpected) skills that make men attractive for you?

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