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Some people need constant peace and quiet. Or at the very least, some people, may need a certain number of consecutive hours of sleep in order to function. Noisy apartments, noisy neighbors, noisy cities can all lead to major discomfort. Or there could be more to the story. Case in point… Redditor cheapapartmenty wanted to […] More
Two beds in bedroom
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There are some things that people get really opinionated about in other people's lives, from how they parent to how they spend their money.

But a big one is how they exist in their relationships, especially if their romantic relationship looks different than the average.

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Pets are family. And when they pass it’s heartbreaking. Many people hold onto keepsakes and ashes from their pets to keep them close even when they’re gone. And those tokens are meant to be respected just like any other family member’s. Case in point… Redditor Imaginary-Doubt-3782 wanted to discuss her experience and get some feedback. […] More
When staying at other people’s homes awkward moments can arise. People may have to follow rules they disagree with. And be put in situations that they are uncomfortable. But if you’re living rent free, payment may have to come from somewhere. Case in point… Redditor absolutirony wanted to discuss their experience and get some feedback. […] More
The Most Eye-Opening Things People Realized After Living With A Woman
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I've lived with women most of my life.

I went from my mom's house to jumping around with roommates.

But women tend to be particular.

About many things.

And there is always a ton of bathroom issues because guys can be gross without even realizing it.

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