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You can never know too many survival tips.

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People Explain How A Stranger They Met Once Left A Mark On Them

We all meet thousands of people throughout our lives, and many of them will quickly fade into distant memory shortly after we do. Some, though, manage to affect us so profoundly from a single meeting that we remember them for the rest of our lives.

Whether it's a stranger who was there to help in a time of need, a kind word during a really hard time, or someone who just happened to say exactly the right thing at the right time—sometimes the memory just sticks.

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Usually, questions about superlatives are difficult to answer. “What's the best," “What's the most," “Who's your favorite," etc. are all so tough to come up with because too many possible options makes narrowing down to one nearly impossible.

But answering which is the worst experience of one's life is dreadfully simple: the event is unparalleled and the answer is obvious.

But it's difficult all the while, for a different reason. The moment was

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When you're in a tricky situation, the best thing to do is just listen to your gut. It always knows what's best for you, and won't let you down when the going gets tough. In some cases, it can actually save your life. Here are a few examples, courtesy of the people over at Reddit.

u/12345burrito asked: When has a gut feeling saved your life? [Serious]

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Living a life with no regrets is harder than you'd expect. There are so many things that can still creep up to haunt you, and it can be really hard to let them go. The regrets that follow us sometimes never go away. Here are a few examples, courtesy of Reddit.

u/polaroidshooter asked: What is your biggest regret so far in your life?

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