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The BBC Apologizes After Airing Footage Of LeBron James During Segment About Kobe Bryant's Death

BBC's evening news program BBC News at Ten made an apology after their unfortunate mistake of showing footage of NBA star LeBron James while reporting on the death of Kobe Bryant.

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Dwyane Wade's Interview About Raising A Queer Child Is A Must-Watch Master Class In Parenting

Former professional basketball player Dwyane Wade just opened up about parenting his queer child.

And his powerful message was a slam dunk for the LGBTQ community.

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On January 26th, Octavia Spencer, star of The Help, The Shape of Water, and Hidden Figures, took part in a Sundance panel in Park City, Utah.

During the conversation, Spencer emphasized the importance of male allies in the fight for equality by telling the story of how LeBron James, a producer on her new Netflix limited series, stepped in to make sure she was paid an appropriate amount for her work.

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