As many of our lives were significantly impacted due to the global health crisis, we learned the limits of our tolerance and impatience.

In self-isolation, with seemingly endless amounts of time contemplating our existence, we learned a lot about our capabilities as well.

We can master new technology when forced to adapt to a new normal by using Zoom. Also, it turns many of us are not that horrible in the kitchen when we're having to save money and make our own meals.

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Being poor is not fun, I can attest. I never went to bed hungry, but times were often tough.

And having friends who had a lot when you have little can be an overwhelming feeling.

However, it did give me a sense of how to appreciate money, when I have it, and appreciate the things I have in general.

Yes, being rich is great and having tons of cash solves a lot, but the poor kids know a thing or two about survival.

And that is priceless.

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How you approach life's many trials and tribulations can say a lot about who you are. However, many of us don't necessarily learn some lessons so easily.

Life is complicated. It's messy. Few, if any things, go according to plan. On top of that, sometimes the way we handle our relationships or our obligations might not be the most healthy one.

You live, you learn... or so the saying goes.

People shared their stories after Redditor ryanblumenow asked the online community,

"What did you learn at great personal cost?"
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It's always best to keep trying new things, or so I'm told. Knowledge is power and we're here to constantly be learning. We're all students of the universe and every second is a new class and blah blah blah.

Ok, yes there is truth a lot of truth there. And I do like to learn new things, but it can become overwhelming. I hate starting something new because I loathe beginning stages. I always want to be great from the start. Some people are geniuses that way, alas, I, am not.

I feel you can always tell when someone is starting something new. And thanks to what we're about to read, I'm right. Everybody is always watching.

Learning requires a lot of patience from several parties. So let's begin...

Redditor u/danielstover wanted to discuss all the ways one often screams "newbie" to everyone, by asking:

What is a sure sign that someone is new to your hobby?
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Image by tjevans from Pixabay

On the whole, human society doesn't seem to be able to figure out how to educated students in a way that is effective, inclusive, and energizing.

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