People Break Down Which Things No One Takes As Seriously As They Should
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It is time to get real about a few things in life.

We take too much for granted.

We never have an appreciation for anything until it's gone.

Redditor where_go_john_now wanted everyone to listen up and start being more vigilant in life. They asked:

"What do people simply not take seriously enough?"
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People Describe The Absolute Laziest Things They've Ever Done
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Are we being lazy or is it self-care?

That is what you should ask yourself first, before you judge.

Life is an arduous journey and a constant energy suck.

It was inevitable we'd find shortcuts to get by.

It's all about survival.

Redditor Batman_In_Peacetime wanted to hear about the times we just didn't care enough to try harder. They asked:

"What is a lazy thing you began doing when you realised you can live with it?"
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