Lawyers Explain Which Disney And Pixar Villains They Could Easily Defend In Court
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Disney and Pixar villains wreak havoc on our favorite protagonists and justice ends up being served by severe punishment–ultimately resulting in their demise.

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Lawyers Disclose The Scariest Thing A Client Has Ever Confessed To Them

Being a lawyer has got to be such a daunting challenge.

How do you keep your conscience in check?

The things you learn about humanity can be bone-chilling.

It's a special issue when you're a criminal attorney.

Sometimes you learn your client is guilty.

But you still have to do your job, even if what you know leaves you shaking in fear or disgust.

You took an oath after all.

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What would it be like to defend Thanos from the Avengers series if he were on trial? Probably pretty easy.

Would you really need to do anything since he could easily just snap the prosecution out of existence? That's a slam-dunk case right there.

Attorneys often dream of landing a big, high-profile cases. So what would it be like to defend a supervillain accused of high crimes and misdemeanors?

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Lawyers Describe The Most F***ed Up Cases They've Ever Seen In Court
Image by VBlock from Pixabay

There is a reason why the TV show Law & Order has endured for 20 seasons and has spawned various spin-offs. People love court drama.

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People Share The Pettiest Reason They've Ever Seen A Couple Divorce
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

I may sound a bit ghoulish and a little bitter and pessimistic, but I do love a good dramatic ending to a love story. If it has to end let it go out big.

Perhaps that is why some of my favorite shows are daytime dramas or primetime soap operas. Divorce runs rampant in those sources of entertainment and it's enthralling to watch.

Love can be eternal but it can also wither into a cesspool of seething hate and despair. And it's always fascinating to get to the root of how it all unravels.

The ones to discuss these aspects of love with are the ones with a front row seat to the finish.

Redditor u/KarysMR wanted the lawyers out there to tell us some tales about how low some couples can go when the love story is over, by asking:

Lawyers of Reddit, what is the pettiest reason you've ever seen for divorce?
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