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Every time I watch Law & Order: SVU I scream at the television when a judge throws out a piece of vital evidence. When they give a "reason" I'm like... that makes no sense. How can evidence be disqualified? It's evidence! Imagine how much more frustrating it is to learn that that happens in real life. I'm stunned. Can you imagine being the lawyer or client when you discover the smoking gun, the linchpin to the whole case is something that can't be used? Ridiculous.

Redditor u/shortbus79 wanted the lawyers of the net to share with us some stories of frustration by asking.... Prosecuting Attorneys of Reddit, what is the most incriminating evidence you've found but couldn't use?

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Why is it the two professionals we all tend to fib to most are our doctors and lawyers? These are the two people that need our truths the most, so that they can assist us in our dire situations. Maybe its shame or just pain stupidity? We as clients tend to be our own worst enemies, which makes our life and death situations that much more exhausting and arduous to overcome. Lawyers will tell you.... never have a surprise waiting for them! But do people listen? Read on to find out....

Redditor u/1CarefulOwner-NotMe was hoping lawyers reading along in the world would share some out their tales about certain clients by asking.... Solicitors/Lawyers; Whats the worst case of 'You should have mentioned this sooner' you've experienced?
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The two people in life that you must always, always tell the truth to is your doctor and your lawyer. Naturally we should always tell the truth in general, but it's not life or death to lie to a priest or a friend (for the most part). Your lawyer is your champion, they can't rat you out and the more they know -good or bad, especially bad- will only serve you in the long run. So don't let them be surprised in the middle of a courtroom like it's an episode of "One Life to Live."

Redditor u/youngster_matt wanted to hear from officers of the court about the times they were blindsided by asking.... Lawyers of Reddit, what is the biggest "well you didn't tell me that" moment you've had in your career?
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Sometimes love isn't forever, and more often than not the end is closer to the beginning of the story than many would like to admit. The end of a marriage is no fun for anyone involved. It maybe a long time coming and a long awaited satisfaction but never fun. And the reasoning behind the severing of ties can be something only a fiction writer wishes they could think up. It may not be fun, but it's certainly never dull.

Redditor u/xancanreturns wanted to hear from lawyers about all the crazy, most bizarre reasons love fades by inquiring.... Divorce Lawyers of Reddit, what's the most outrageous reason someone filed for divorce?

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