Some people are born into luckier situations than others. But sometimes through hard work and dedication, it’s possible to overcome the numerous hurdles life might throw at you and find yourself in a financial situation which couldn’t be more different than the one you grew up in. This makes it all the more important not […] More
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I'm gonna be real, the only things I know about being a lawyer are from watching Better Call Saul. And Always Sunny, but specifically for learning about bird law. But if there's anything I do know about the courtroom, it's that the weirdest laws can be pulled out of thin air to drastically change a case's verdict.

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A new book called The Fixers revealed that Donald Trump once had all the dinnerware from Mar-A-Lago fumigated after his political mentor and personal lawyer Roy Cohn attended the resort for a farewell dinner.

Cohn was dying from AIDS-related complications at the time and died in 1986.

He was 49.

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When my grandfather passed away, it fell to my grandmother to execute his will. He wasn't a wealthy man, so we weren't dealing in money here.

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Practicing law certainly isn't easy. Many years of law school, often followed by further study, and more studying required for each individual case makes it an extremely time consuming career.

Every once in a while, the other party in the case does something that makes a lawyer's job much easier, though.

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