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I'm gonna be real, the only things I know about being a lawyer are from watching Better Call Saul. And Always Sunny, but specifically for learning about bird law. But if there's anything I do know about the courtroom, it's that the weirdest laws can be pulled out of thin air to drastically change a case's verdict.

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It's amazing what the legalities are from place to place. I live in New England, and in Connecticut, passengers are allowed to drink alcohol in the car, as long as they aren't driving. Weed isn't legal there, but open containers in the car? Totally fine. At least we have something to look forward to as we cross the border.

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Not every law is actually serviceable.

Sometimes, laws are just sort of oddly arbitrary and outdated. In Massachusetts, until very recently, if three women were on a lease together, the dwelling would be considered a brothel.

In other places, the laws just clearly exist because somebody did something dumb: such as hair dryers being required to list a warning on their packaging that says "do not use while sleeping."

What weird laws do you know about?

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The law and the police are a particularly touchy subject right now. The police are under nationwide scrutiny for abusing their power.

But there are ways to avoid encounters with the police in day-to-day life. And then there are ways to draw attention to yourself like a neon sign. Some folks have trouble turning that sign off.

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Just because we incessantly watch reruns of Law & Order: SVU and Blue Bloods doesn't make us law enforcement officials. I no more want a public defender trained by Annalise Keating than I want a surgeon trained by Meredith Grey. For some reason we all think we're well versed enough in justice that we know better than the officials. But oh the amount we are wrong. We'll argue until we're blue in the face without ever cracking a law book..... or a neighborhood watch pamphlet. Hence the problem.

Redditor u/IfItQuackedLikeADuck wanted the lawyers of the web to inform us about all the things we DON'T know about the law by asking... Lawyers, What's a law that isn't real that normal people insist exists?
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