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Everyone was beholden to certain rules growing up.

No TV until your homework is done, no sweets before dinner, lights out at 9:30 pm.

Frustrated as we were by these rules, we generally went along with them, as well as other customs and traditions organized by our families, knowing that just about all other kids were dealing with the same thing.

But were they?

Indeed, sometimes in adulthood, we've come to learn that the way things worked in our household were not what the broader population would consider normal.

While sometimes these discoveries only made us love our families more, other times it might have come as a very rude awakening indeed.

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2 women laughing
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Some people don't take in information as quickly as others.

Which is absolutely nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, nor does it necessarily reflect on one's intelligence.

Even so, we all can't help but feel the tiniest embarrassed when we've found ourselves a little slow on the uptake regarding certain pieces of information.

Be it a random fact of trivia that everyone knows, or even realizing there's a reason your parents were trying to instill a life lesson in you.

Being hit by a ton of bricks might actually be a welcome relief to the embarrassment that will run through your body.

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Doctor and Patient
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No one loves going to the doctor.

Een if we are merely going for a routine check-up, there's always the small chance that something might be majorly wrong.

Some people are so terrified of doctors and hospitals that it can sometimes literally take someone dragging them out the door, kicking and screaming, to get them to see a doctor.

Sometimes, when they arrive, they learn that had they waited even a minute longer, the consequences could have been dire.

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When students arrive late for class, teachers hear any number of excuses.

These range from the believable, such as being caught in traffic or illness, to the truly unbelievable.

So unbelievable, in fact, that teachers likely won't be able to help but roll their eyes at how ridiculous their excuse was.

Until they find themselves biting their tongue when against the odds, the far-fetched excuse turned out to be true.

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People Explain Which Bits Of Common Knowledge They Learned Way Too Late In Life
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Who hasn't had a moment when they learned what they thought was a revelatory piece of information, ran to share it with their friends, and were then greeted by a barrage of stone faces?

Owing to the fact that what we only just learned a few minutes ago, was apparently common knowledge.

These include your favorite movie star was in fact the offspring of another movie star, what gelatin is actually made of, or little tricks and strategies which make certain experiences so much more pleasurable.

For no particular reason, some people learn these things far later than just about everyone else.

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