People Confess Which Historical Quotes Give Them The Chills
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History is littered with horror and fright.

And much of it is journaled and cataloged for our reading pleasure.

Which sometimes is reading that can leave one a bit on edge.

That's because some of our best long-dead wordsmiths left some serious echoes.

Now we all do love a good speech.

We're especially entranced when the speaker has that certain... "thing."

But once and awhile when you listen and really dig deep, they are less inspirational and more morbid

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People Share Their Favorite Curse Word Alternatives
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People have different levels of tolerance when it comes to profanity.

And some people can't stand the sound of rude or vulgar language so much that they can't bring themselves to say these naughty words themselves.

But when anyone reaches a high level of anger or frustration, they still might need a verbal outlet.

And instead find themselves coming up with an alternative word, which helps them release their anger, but won't offend any nearby ears.

Redditor No-Citron5628 was curious to hear people's favorite alternatives to curse words, leading them to ask:

"What is your best swear word alternative?"
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Even when moving to countries with the same language, expatriates still often find some conversations getting lost in translation. Even if the basics and fundamentals of their shared language remain the same, there might be some terms which aren’t used in both countries, or might have a different meaning. Americans might be surprised to find […] More

An almost guaranteed phase of entering adulthood is unintentionally making it clear how much older you are than some present company.

This could be by the way you dress, talking about seeing a movie in its initial release when the person you're talking to wasn't born yet, or more than likely, by the way you talk.

When you say a slang term or phrase which was common place when you were a child, but today would likely be met by looks of confusion, or even disgust, should you use a term which is not only outdated but now considered offensive.

But then, shaking these old fashioned, or just plain old, terms and phrases might be a difficult task, so engrained are they in our vocabulary.

Redditor InfiniteDrafts was curious to hear what phrases people continue to use, despite knowing how quickly it will date them, leading them to ask:

What slang do you use regularly that is totally outdated?
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People Share Their All-Time Favorite Curse-Free Swear Words
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Who doesn't love some good old fashion nastiness?

I don't mean like evil, mean-spirited craziness, I mean some nice tongue lashings.

Don't you love cursing someone out without having to use one off-colored word?

Redditor Saibotnl1 wanted to get a list together of all the saucy and sassy words that can be naughty and used in mixed company. They asked:

"What's an insult without any swear words?"
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