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It seems Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire who decided to buy his way into the Democratic Presidential Primary long after all the other candidates began running, was watching the Democratic Debate on January 14 and decided to send a joking tweet.

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This 'Jeopardy!' Champ Has Hit $1 Million In Winnings In An Insanely Short Amount Of Time
Jeopardy!/Youtube, @Greg_Tieman/Twitter

Jeopardy! phenom James Holzhauer is already being called the best player of all time after just 15 days as champ, but will he catch up to the game's all-time winners and can the show survive someone who seems to have "solved" Jeopardy!?

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'Jeopardy!' Contestant Keeps Breaking His Own Record For Single-Day Winnings In Impressive Fashion

In its 55 years on the air, popular game show Jeopardy! has had its fair share of big winners.

Current contestant James Holzhauer has joined the ranks of highest winners in Jeopardy! and currently sits at the number two spot for most overall winnings.

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