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We all know the job interview butterflies.

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Times are tough and that makes the job hunt even more of a "Hunger Games" situation. I understand needing to do everything you can to be the best you can be, so that you can be sure to rise above the rest, but let's not get carried away people. When constructing a resume there are literally thousands of online tutorials to choose from. Please seek them out. Rule #1... more is always too much.

Redditor u/Shimanu wanted everyone to listen to what is not useful on a job hunt by asking... HR personnel of Reddit, what's the most unnecessary thing you've seen in a resume?
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Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Job interviews are such a unique experience.

For a brief interval of time, we have to simultaneously try to impress someone with our qualifications, come off as casually pleasant, demonstrate passion for the role in question, and, somehow, be ourselves throughout that whole charade.

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After wading through the onslaught, convincing that your personal and professional elements make you worth thousands of dollars per year, days off, and a healthcare package, the tables turn.

But when given the chance to ask a question of their own during a job interview, many people don't seize the opportunity as well as they could.

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There are some pretty well-established social expectations about what is and isn't appropriate attire for a job interview.

There may be some gray areas, and exceptions made for folks who can't afford business clothes (they're applying for jobs for a reason, after all), but many of the people below just decided to throw the whole idea of business attire right out the window.

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