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Jennifer Garner's 'Worst Day Ever' Instagram Post Has A Powerful Twist That Really Hits Home
Shannon Finney/Getty Images

Sometimes, we can all use a reminder that things aren't so bad and that we're in control. Poetry has a beautiful way of telling us that.

Jennifer Garner has gained a reputation of being a very relatable parent/celeb, with messages of positivity shared to her Instagram account.

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Jennifer Garner Was 100% Committed To Her Son's 'How To Train Your Dragon'-Themed Birthday Party Whether He Liked It Or Not
Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Jennifer Garner may be the coolest mom around — but try telling her kids that. Well, actually, tell any parent's kid that. What's the point of being a parent, though, if you don't get to embarrass your children?

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Jennifer Garner Shared An Incredible Video Of A Pregnant Ballerina To Demonstrate That #WomenAreWonders
JB Lacroix/WireImage, @maiamakhateli (Instagram)

Women are truly wonders, and actress Jennifer Garner wanted to remind all of us of that fact with a stunning video of a pregnant ballerina.

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