What behaviors are cute or not is a highly subjective thing, but there are some things that seem pretty universally accepted.

It's pretty much a given that some of them won't resonate with everyone, though, but sometimes it goes further than that and seems downright irritating.

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Everyone has pet peeves, little things that irritate them more than others, but sometimes those pet peeves evolve into a whole new level of irritant.

Whether it's subbing their toe or getting cut off in traffic, there are plenty of things that send folks into an immediate rage.

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There are some things that are pretty much universally irritating: self important people, someone cutting you off in traffic, or those scam robocalls, for example.

Sometimes things that seem like they are only mildly irritating or inconvenient for others drive us up the wall, though.

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Everybody does things that annoy others, but some behaviors are universally irritating.

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