When it comes to parenting, there’s no “one size fits all” parenting manual. That being said, it’s important for parents to come to a consensus so they can consistently raise their children. It’s shocking the number of red flags start flying when a couple disagrees about how to parent their kids, pointed out the “Am I […] More
People Break Down The Most Underutilized Features On Their Phone

For most people, a cellphone has become almost like an extra appendage.

It goes with us everywhere and is rarely out of reach.

And most people are also now sporting so-called smartphones.

But how many of the features on these handheld computers are we using?

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Scientists Put A Smartphone In A Blender To Show Us Exactly What Goes Into Our Precious Devices
@PlymUni, @GSwazy_/Twitter

Most of us shudder at the thought of harm coming to the $1,000 glass bricks on which we store our lives, but a curious group of scientists at the University of Plymouth decided to reduce a smartphone to dust just to find out what was inside. And they are hoping people will start to pay attention to what they found.

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