Intimate and sexual are two very different things, but we treat them as the same so often that we use one to mean the other. When someone is called an "intimate partner" or we hear the phrase "getting intimate" we understand that to mean sex.

Words become ideas, and ideas become reality - treating sex and intimacy the same leaves you with a whole lot of people who cannot be intimate without being sexual. Some of you reading this right now aren't really sure what non-sexual intimacy even looks like.

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The heart is an untamable organ; and as much as we'd like to believe we can control it, it always ends up controlling us. For people who make intimacy a career, they too can fall into traps of the amour. Once you're looking into another person's eyes and a spark ignites, all bets are off. People seem to ignore the facet that sex workers are people too and the career field they're in is actually honest work for many. They end up with love stories surrounding their clients just like a banker or a bartender.

Redditor u/m033118b wanted to hear about the wantings of the heart, no matter what the profession, by asking.... Sex workers of reddit, have you ever fallen in love with a John? What happened afterwards?
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For a lot of people intimacy and sex are so connected that you can't separate one from the other. This article isn't about those people - though they might find it to be an interesting read.

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