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"The road to Hell is paved with good intentions."

An aged old proverb reflecting on when people perform what they think are well-meaning, helpful acts, but in reality, only worsen a bad situation.

A day seldom goes by when people won't notice an example of this, either on the news, in the book they're reading, or simply walking down the street.

This could be anything from someone making promises to help out, but never delivering on them, to saving money for a less expensive cleaner, which turns out to radiate toxic fumes, resulting in the building being closed for an indefinite length of time.

Ideas which might seem good in theory, but are impractical, illogical, or even harmful, in practice.

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Parents -- especially dads -- are always nervous when their daughter begins to date. Caught up in the intensity and giddiness of romance, it’s not always obvious to the ones who are dating that they are not compatible... or that they were with someone who is trouble.

That’s where the parents come in.

The classic question is some variation is “what are your intentions with my daughter” and the answers are very telling.

Luckily, Redditors know exactly what to say to this question.

It might not do wonders for people’s reps with their partners’ dads, but at least it will provide some much-needed hilarity.

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Wealthy Parents Conflicted After Daughter Steals Money From Them To Pay Classmate’s Tuition
Intentions are important. Whether we’re talking about the words you say, the acts you do or the places you go, the intention behind those efforts can make all the difference. So, what do you do when someone does something wrong, but they had the best intention in the world? That was the issue facing Redditor […] More
People Divulge The Most Useful Lies We All Tell Ourselves
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Sometimes lies are all we have.

And that's ok. It takes a lot to keep going in life and to keep a smile on in this day and age is nearly impossible.

So little fib here, a tiny non-truth there... if it helps you through the day, use it.

As long as nobody is hurt and you're not in an extreme state of denial... lie away!

Redditorhidude100wanted to discuss the fibs that keep getting us through the day. They asked:

"What's the most useful lie we tell ourselves?"
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People Break Down Which Products' Main Purpose Has Been Completely Forgotten

Many common household things we use every day had completely different original purposes. Whether it's the same glue in your junk drawer that was originally designed to close wounds in times of war, duct tape that is used to fix anything but, or play-doh which is a popular child's toy but was made to clean wallpaper there is an interesting history to a lot of things if we take the time to learn.

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