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In movies and TV, a character who is portrayed as highly intellectual has visible signifiers.

A smart character can be found in the library, immersed in tons of reading. They may wear spectacles. They may be characterized as socially awkward because they're usually withdrawn from society.

In real life, however, a person with a high IQ is not as easily identified by common Hollywood stereotypes of smart people.

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Years ago, I was surprised to learn that a doctor I knew–a literal doctor–believed that the earth was flat. This astounded me.

Didn't she take history classes? Science classes? Didn't she go to medical school?

You'd think that someone with her resume and pedigree wouldn't believe in nonsense like that, but there you have it.

People have a way of surprising you–and disappointing you for that matter.

Turns out other people have been similarly disappointed (or have stumbled upon an idiot or two) and they were keen to share their stories after Redditor citizen_of_leship asked the online community,

"Who isn't as smart as people think?"
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Sometimes you walk through life thinking, "I got this!"

This is not one of those times. This is one of those times where you walk through life going "How the eff did I make it out of bed today?"

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It's pretty typical to want to impress people, especially if it's the first time meeting them, but some folks go out of their way to make it seem like they're superior. Sometimes their attempts fall flat, and sometimes they do exactly the opposite of what was intended.

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Today's burning question comes from Redditor CreativeBorder, who asked the online community: "Who was the smartest person you ever met? How did you know?"

Listen up. You might learn a thing or two.

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