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Trauma. Such a simple word. A simple word shrouded in so much difficulty and pain. When trauma goes ignored and untreated, it festers and grows into many manifestations. One dark manifestation is depression. Everyone, and I do mean everyone at one time or another has suffered from depression. It's unfortunate that there is still such stigma attached to it. Right now the world is in a collective depression and often it's impossible to finds ways to cope.

Redditor u/Lainnnn wanted to see who would be willing to share with the world some ways to stay motivated, in the darkness by asking... Depressed people, how do you motivate yourself to do things, even small tasks? [Serious]
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We all have that one teacher who made an indelible impression on us – good or bad – because of one particular thing they did.

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In the last several months people have been flooding the internet flaunting all they've accomplished while trapped in quarantine. Everyone seems to have either acquired a new hobby or become proficient in the one they had. And its always fascinating to find out how people fall into their time fillers. Heck, maybe we should all start something new and take notes, a ton of the people started with a small hobby to just steady their nerves and turned it into a million dollar business. Someone bring me some knitting needles.

Redditor u/lesothoqueen was fascinated by the ways everyone was inspired to fulfill their empty hours by asking aloud.... What got you interested in your hobby?
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Inspiration can come in a ton of forms, but whether it's a song, a statement, a poster, or whatever - it's important to deliver that inspirational message clearly and quickly. That's where some of us have a problem. I was born longwinded and was totally that kid you asked to help you pad a word count for an essay in class. So if you're looking for me to inspire you, expect a 15 minute TED talk and slideshow presentation. But, as that oh-so-appropriate saying goes, Keep It Simple, Stupid. The bits that people tend to remember are smaller and easier to digest tidbits of wisdom. There's just something profound about simplicity.

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