Insomniacs Break Down What They Do All Night
Megan Te Boekhor/Unsplash

What does this insomniac do at night?

Work. The answer is work. It always has been.

As a kid, I'd write endlessly in notebooks when I couldn't sleep. Now that I'm an adult you can absolutely find me online at 4 AM rambling about some madness like trans Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or that one time my neighbor bare-hand picked up a piece of dog poop and put it in her pocket.

Yes, I live in Florida.

For me, insomnia is a place of creation. But what is it for others?

For that, we turn to Reddit. Because humans stay nosy about what everybody else is doing.

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Insomniacs Explain Which Things Keep Them Awake At Night
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Sleep is hard. Even folks who don't consistently deal with insomnia have the occasional sleepless night. Whether it's from excitement, anxiety, or your brain just refusing to shut off, sleepless nights usually suck.

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People Share Their Best Tips For Falling Asleep Quickly
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Ok, so I may be good at some things (namely reciting Toni Collette's monologue from Hereditary at any chance I get), but one thing I'm definitely terrible at is sleeping. Not only do I have trouble falling asleep, causing me to not sleep until 4am, but I also have hypersomnia. So when I am asleep, I'm deceased for ten hours. It sucks.

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Falling asleep and insomnia have been hot topics in the media for more than a decade. Is the reason you can't sleep because of your bad sleep habits—inconsistent bedtime, hitting snooze every morning, drinking alcohol before bed, etc.—or is it that evil blue light we've all been warned emanates from our beloved electronic devices?

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We've all done something like this before.

You're in that state somewhere between being asleep and actually being awake and aware, and yet you still have to try to function, when you grab a bowl of cereal.

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