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Sex is important.

Whether you're having it or not, it can be a huge part of life.

There are people who don't have sex by choice.

Incels or involuntary celibates are a different matter altogether.

An incel is defined as, "a member of an online community of young men who consider themselves unable to attract women sexually, typically associated with views that are hostile toward women and men who are sexually active."

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It's no secret that women are often objectified by creepy men. But some of these men, specifically those known as "incels", or "involuntary celibates". The stereotypical incel is a fedora-wearing neck-bearded creature, but the incel culture can be hiding in any man's brain. And that's friggin' terrifying.


asked: Women of Reddit, have you ever had a run in with an Incel? If so, what happened?

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