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Kids truly have no filter. They will say anything and everything to their teachers. They don't understand what's appropriate or inappropriate to say.

Plus, we tend to use innocent words that mean something else given the right context. Put the word "adult" in front of something and suddenly it's definitely not for kids. Fore example, "adult" beverage or "adult" movie.

It isn't until the age of seven when kids start to have their sense of internalized consciousness, reason, and morals. Tons of things are happening in the brain around this time that are incredibly important for development.

So when you put a bunch of five and six year olds in a room together who have no filter and lack a sense of morals, you're bound to get a few good stories. Redditors shared their best stories of kids saying inappropriate things in kindergarten.

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Comedians are always pushing the envelope when delivering what they think is hilarious on paper.

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People grieve in various ways after losing a loved one, and no one can tell them how to cope as they process their emotions.

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Why don't people think before they speak? It's really not difficult to use your words wisely or carefully. There are just somethings the general public doesn't need to know; like intimate issues about a life. Half the time it feels like we're stuck in a Barbara Walters special. Aww... remember her? She had good questions though.

Redditor u/puggernault wanted everyone to listen up and take note about what is appropriate conversation by asking... What question do you hate being asked?
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Hilarious moments are blind to timing. They seem to strike at the absolute worst times, when laughing would be completely inappropriate.

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