i dont believe it

Image by Nebraska Department of Education from Pixabay

The advice "fake it til you make it," though often said with at least a hint of sarcasm, does carry quite a bit of wisdom.

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Image by Amber Avalona from Pixabay

It's tough believe that there is life living in an ether that surrounds us. I mean... ghosts? Spirits? Demons, floating about us?

Sounds like fun on paper, for a movie script, but for real life, I don't know. But strange occurrences do abound, and often a simple explanation just doesn't suffice.

If skeptics have been haunted, it just all leads to more questions and no answers.

Hoping to connect with other unsure "non-believers" Redditor u/LordMaboy asked to hear about:

"What is the most creepiest thing you saw even though you are very sceptical about paranormal things?"
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