Emergency Room Employees Share The Funniest Reason A Patient Was Brought In
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Not asking for this to happen to anyone lucky enough to read these stories, but you would hope if you had to make a trip to the emergency room it would be for a worthwhile reason. Maybe you damaged your clavicle bravely fighting off some purse snatchers or injured your fibula rescuing your family from a sinking ship.

Not sticking something up your butt and getting it stuck there.

On purpose. Which happens a lot more than you might think.

Warning, some of these tales from the E.R. are NSFW.

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People Describe Their Absolute Worst Experiences At A Hospital
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Healthcare shouldn't be this complicated.

You feel sick? Go to the hospital. Have someone take care of you. Add on the complexities of insurance, the lack of good-faith instilled in doctors on hour 40 of their shift, and suddenly you have a stay that turns into a nightmare you can't escape from.

They only get worse from here.

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When medical conditions result in the need for a loved one to make significant lifestyle changes, one wants to stand in solidarity with them. But having to make these changes doesn’t come easy. Particularly if it means having to stop eating your favorite foods. Redditor throwawaycrohnhusba made an effort to join her husband when he […] More
People Describe Warning Signs That Someone Should Go To The Hospital Immediately
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Why do we gamble with our health?

I know the most common answer to that is... "because healthcare costs are a joke!"

But as we get older, or even in youth, we need to be listening to our bodies.

Sometimes a trip to the hospital is just necessary.

Nobody wants to go, but if it's a live-or-die situation?


Redditor phenomLG wanted compile a list of all the reasons we need to take medical issues seriously right away. They asked:

"Whats a sign you need to immediately go to the hospital?"
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People Describe The Scariest Thing They've Ever Witnessed Firsthand
Eugene Triguba on Unsplash

*The following article contains discussion of suicide/self-harm.

Traumatic scenes depicted in movies–as convincing as they seem–will never compare to witnessing real-life horrors.

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