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NSFW Details About Historical Figures Left Out Of History Books
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It's very popular to create rumors about certain historical figures to which there is no concrete evidence.

Such as the sexual orientation of Abraham Lincoln or the alleged illicit behavior of Lewis Carroll and Hans Christian Andersen.

Understandably, these mostly baseless, though not necessarily false, theories are left out of history books.

However, there are facts about legends of history which have, indeed, been proven true, but are also left out of history books.

Namely, because it's not the sort of information many would consider in polite conversation, let alone be talked about in schools.

Even if it is no less fascinating than anything else we might learn.

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Elementary school teachers are liars! Or, at least, they omit the truth.

When we were young, we learned about historical figures such as explorers, inventors, politicians, artists, and more who were touted as great people.

However, if we look past their great discoveries or triumphs, the people are not all that great. Christopher Columbus is a prime example.

Some people, like the late, great Steve Irwin, indisputably earned the title of good guys. But as we all know thanks to people like Coco Chanel or Bill Cosby, those who paint themselves as good guys are actually bad guys.

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People Debate Which Famous Historical Figures Would Be Surprised To Learn About Their Fame
Mika Baumeister/Unsplash

Fame is one of those things people tend to want until they have it - or that people shy away from entirely because they understand how sideways it tends to go.

But what about people who end up famous after their deaths? Or who managed to get more famous from the afterlife?

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People Share The Historical Event They Want To Know The Absolute Truth About
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The historical record is vast and changes as we make new discoveries. Our understanding of many historical events is far more different now, even stronger, than it was years ago.

But there are still so many things we do not know and barring some crazy new discovery or admission from players with the right knowledge, it's likely that certain answers might be lost to history altogether.

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The number of people killed during World War II is staggering... about 70 million for those of you who don't know.

For comparison there are only 19 countries today whose current population is bigger than amount of people that died in six years of war.

Crazy, huh? Don't underestimate the impact of this event! History is fascinating.

People shared more information after Redditor alfawolfvii asked the online community,

"What are some crazy WWII facts you know?"
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