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Adult Children Of Helicopter Parents Explain How They Cope With All The Excess Attention
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Parenting is a difficult job and there is NO perfect way. You learn very early on that there is absolute rulebook to avoid the fact that your kids will need a therapist eventually. It's easy to be overly too much. You can't protect them every second. So you have to learn to let go and that is a lesson many parents are unable to acquire. The helicopter parent is an issue. You don't want to suffocate them... or yourself.

Redditor u/Nicho-chan wanted all the grown kids out there to speak up about their parent's way of being "protective" by asking.... Adult children of helicopter parents, how do you deal with them now?

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Rites of passage and simply being your own person are concepts that some parents just don't grasp. This happens in school especially, where parents will sometimes spy on classes or insist that they stay with their kids. It's overprotection to the extreme, and it doesn't do anyone any good.

robo-bonobo asked educators of Reddit: xWhat is the worst case of helicopter parenting you've ever seen?

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Teachers Share The Worst Parent Experiences They've Ever Had

Parents can be a nightmare for teachers, especially when they feel the need to micromanage their child's education. Those that go to the opposite extreme of just not caring aren't any better, though.

A nice balance of letting the child learn to operate independently and caring enough to keep them safe may seem like an unattainable goal after reading some of these parent-teacher nightmares!

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