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Harry Potter Fans Explain How They Think Teenagers Would Abuse Magic At Hogwarts
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If you’re anything like me, you spent your childhood dreaming about getting your Hogwarts letter, thinking about what you wanted to learn, and ignoring your real class schedule in favor of making an O.W.L. schedule.

Chances are, you never thought about the negative side of the wizarding school. Magic, however, is dangerous, especially when it can be used by youngsters.

The fact that the teenagers in the Harry Potter books didn’t abuse magic in any way is nothing short of a miracle.

We know how teenagers are. They’re adventurous, emotional, creative, and a little crazy. With access to magic, all of that would be amplified. There’s no way teenagers wouldn’t find ways to abuse magic at Hogwarts.

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People Explain Which Things They'd Like To Add To The Harry Potter Lore
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One of the best things about art — any art — is that it sparks our own imaginations and lets us take something that exists and change or add to it. Songs can be set to new music, paintings can have new backdrops, and sculptures can have new meanings.

One of the biggest forms of art that can be changed or added to is literature. Characters can be given new motivation, the conflicts can be rewritten, and the world can gain more backstory. This doesn't mean we don't love or appreciate the way a book was written; it just means we love it enough to explore a different path.

The Harry Potter series is a great example of this. Many fans of the series have created their own stories, theories, and art depicting their own versions of the characters, the plot, and the history.

These fans have also added some amazing and hilarious things to the Harry Potter world and lore that are just waiting to be discovered.

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