When talking to a friend who brings up one of our favorite books, celebrities, or tv shows, we often find ourselves saying we're "obsessed".

Our excitement is often met with a sneer from our friend, but we don't give it much thought.

Owing to the fact that even if they're better at containing their excitement than we are, deep down everyone has an obsession of some sort.

Naturally, it's not particularly healthy to be "obsessed" with anything, as nothing should take up the majority of our time.

Even so, if one were to take a very close look at society as a whole, we might find that just about everyone has an unhealthy obsession they just can't break.

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Man yawning
Photo by Miikka Luotio on Unsplash

We've all found ourselves annoyed by the ticks or habits of others.

Some of these are fairly common, such as chewing with your mouth open, cracking your knuckles, or whether or not they pronounce the "T" in often.

Some habits are a bit more unusual, though.

Only the people guilty of possessing these habits might not realize that they're unusual until they are told by someone else that practically no one, or literally no one, else does them.

It's an eye-opening, sometimes humiliating discovery.

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"That's a deal breaker, ladies!"

A line memorably uttered by Jenna Maroney during a sketch written by Liz Lemon on the fictional sketch comedy show TGS on the legendary sitcom 30 Rock.

The "deal breakers" in question were red flags women noticed in men which made them unsuitable to be romantic partners.

Heightened and extreme as the sketch was, it wasn't so far fetched from reality, as just about everyone has a deal breaker when finding their soulmate.

Be it smoking, excessive gambling, obsessions with sports and/or shopping, people often look out for things they don't want to deal with, or compete with, in a relationship.

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