There is little more upsetting than for a parent to learn their child is being bullied. Particularly if it’s regarding something about their child which is inherently part of who they are. If there’s anything worse for a parent than hearing their child is being bullied by other children, it’s hearing that they’re being bullied […] More
For those of us who have tools we use daily, like hearing aids or glasses, we’re surprised at people who take a serious interest in them. They might just ask questions about them, but others will want to hold them, inspect them, or manipulate them in some way. But this can cause serious problems for […] More
Some folks have a hard time letting go of their deeply held beliefs, even if those beliefs are about something extremely trivial.  Usually, that person will go on to become insufferable around said topic. Redditor IndividualFar3810’s mother was one of those insufferable people.  The topic under which she exercised her insufferability?  Wearing glasses.  Held firmly […] More
For all the joy and love they bring, weddings also come with an unavoidable amount of stress. Any number of things can go wrong. It might rain, the cake might collapse or a bridesmaid might need to wear glasses. Yep, apparently for redditor 4eyedandproud’s aunt, wearing glasses at her cousin’s wedding was an unfathomable offense. This […] More
People Describe The Worst Thing That's Ever Happened To Their Glasses
Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

Ok, before I get into this article, I have to reference that old Twilight Zone episode where Burgess Meredith is the last man on Earth. No one would let him read, so now he's super stoked because he has “time enough at last" to read every single book. But then....his glasses break.

“It's not fair. There was time now."

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