Masculinity is a prison.

Gender in general is a prison. Men are told they can only enjoy certain things because some things aren't "manly" enough. Imagine depriving yourself of a massage or a pedicure for your masculinity's sake?

These men are taking the first step to realizing just how silly gendered activities are.

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My first job was at Ross. I was in high school, I was young and naive - far too young and naive for the horrors that awaited me the first day I was asked to help clean out the fitting rooms. Our store didn't have restrooms open to the public, though we would let customers use them if they asked - particularly women with children. Unfortunately, several customers decided there was no point in asking, they would just help themselves to use the fitting rooms as bathrooms. Diapers, menstrual products, and urine puddles were pretty common. Nothing could prepare us for the "Black Friday Incident of 1998"

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