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People drinking at a party.
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Much as we may try to avoid them, it's hard not to find ourselves in situations we would rather not be in.

In some cases, we have no other choice but to persevere and let the moment pass, however uncomfortable or irritating the situation is.

Other times, we know that the only thing to do is leave, right then and there, without looking back.

Even if it means leaving mid-conversation with someone, we know in our gut that there is truly nothing to do but leave immediately.

As our health and safety could be at risk.

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People Describe The Weirdest Rules They've Encountered Because Of One Person's Actions
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Don't pee in a pool.

Like... who did that so that it had to become a rule?

Who was that dumb?

Rules are rules, and there are many good rules.

But so many rules are just arbitrary because some idiot chose to be... well, an idiot.

Redditor Googunk wanted to hear about the times we've all been hindered because someone else was a mess. They asked:

"What stupid rule did your work have to make because one idiot ruined it for everyone?"
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People Divulge The Reasons They've Been Banned From An Establishment
Isaiah Rustad on Unsplash

If you've never been banned from an establishment, then you haven't lived.

I jest.

But seriously, getting a bit raucous now and again and being escorted from a geographical point is like a rite of passage.

Now there is no need to be violent or cause property damage, that's just craziness. But maybe being a little too loud, or standing your ground with an ornery manager is worth it.

Just try to not be led out in handcuffs.

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When you’re a teenager you can’t help but press buttons and boundaries. You often don’t think before you act and consequences aren’t something you consider. And you forget how your actions will affect others. Case in point… Our Redditor ThrowRAprank_problem wanted to discuss her story for some feedback. So naturally she came to visit the […] More
People Break Down The Fastest They've Ever Seen A New Employee Get Fired
Image by Mediamodifier from Pixabay

It's pretty easy for one to be fired. However, there are times when I've been saddled with co-workers where the firing seemed to drag on forever. No matter how it happens, I always enjoy an exit with drama. If you gotta go, you might as well leave a lasting impression.

I've been dumbfounded by the ways I've seen people fired. For instance, if you're going to steal, try not to do it directly in front of cameras. And if you're going to show up drunk, take a breath mint first. But if you do get fired, please make it entertaining. Unless of course it's sad and a proper situation. But nobody gets fired in record time for sad reasons.

Redditor u/njaana wanted to hear about the staff members who left an impression on their way out the door, by asking:

What is the fastest you have ever seen a new co-worker get fired?
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