People Explain Which Geniuses Alive Today Would Qualify As A Modern-Day Einstein
Photo by rosario janza on Unsplash

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the smartest of them all?

Who is today's best and brightest?

Are they in charge of Mensa?

There are a lot of brilliant people in the world.

But if we can compare; who measures up to the greats?

Two words: Albert Einstein.

The new generation.

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We are a quote heavy, self-help speeching society.

We thirst for leadership because honestly... life is dark and depressing.

How many books, speeches, essays and small "on the daily" quotes do we follow and take to heart?

Do you research every author of every quote?

You should. Or maybe you shouldn't.

Redditor cow780 wanted to hear some inspiration from the worst people possible. They asked:

"Reddit, what are some great quotes by terrible people?"
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People Break Down The Saddest Truths About Smart People
Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

I love knowledge.

And I've always been envious of those that have it in spades.

I can't watch Jeopardy because it makes me sad.

Yet I love learning about all of the facts.

I've been told that power, much like ultimate wealth, apparently comes with a cost.

Make me believe it...

Redditor GoodDepth wanted to discuss the more somber life details about intelligence. They asked:

"What is the sad truth about smart people?"
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Former 'Gifted Kids' Explain Where They Are Now In Life
NeONBRAND on Unsplash

A lot of "gifted" kids go on to be very successful adults, but that is by far not the case for everyone.

Many find that their "gifted" status leads to higher expectations and less support from adults and they end up struggling in later years of school.

If people on Reddit are any gauge, "successful adult" seems to be the less common outcome.

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Stoners Divulge The Best Ideas They've Ever Come Up With While High
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

I can't get high anymore. I'm too old. I get exhausted and fall asleep mostly. So I need to stay sober to get my best ideas. I will say a few vodkas have stoked some inspiration but one too many sips and I'm useless again.

But I know a lot of people who give into their awakening after a few puffs or sips and they write Pulitzers, or pen Hall of Fame songs or crack government code.

Adele has said she wrote all of '21' drunk and most painters will tell you their greatest works were born of colors that popped while under the influence. I'm jealous. But however the work is born works--as long as it's born.

Redditor u/the-juiciest-jew wanted to hear about the brilliance that awakens in all of us when we dabble in some out of the box recreations, by asking:

Stoners of Reddit, what's the best idea you've come up with while stoned?
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