gender reveal

Babies are a blessing, and a life event that bring peace, love, joy and harmony; well, most of the time. Sometimes it feels like the blessed event can be a curse. Not all bundles of joy turn out to be a triumphant idea. And telling loved ones that one is expecting can turn out to be a harrowing and cold experience. But hopefully as time rolls along, everyone can come together for the sake of a new life. It's just the initial announcement can be.... bumpy.

Redditor u/Beeblebroxia wanted to hear from people who have had some shall we say "unexpected" reception when discussing their stork delivery by asking..... What is the worst reaction you've ever witnessed to a pregnancy announcement?
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It seems there's nothing more dangerous than gender reveal parties.

Whether it's a terrifying fireworks mishap, a fist fight at Applebees, or a 47,000 acre forrest fire, it seems no one is safe from the dreaded gender reveals.

The latest victim of the party's reign of terror was a father-to-be who had no idea what he was getting himself into.

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Heather Lundberg Green/Facebook

Just when we thought we'd had enough of gender reveal parties constantly trying to reinvent themselves with cake, balloon and even lasagna reveals, Heather Lundberg Green presented a poignant twist to the gimmick that is worth celebrating.

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