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The ladies love gay men. The ladies love us. They just do. I have been checked out at the gym so often by women that one day I became so frustrated I had to speak. On this particular day, I was running like a fiend on the treadmill, and this lovely young woman sidled up onto the treadmill next to me. She would not stop eyeing me, flipping her hair and would incessantly try to make small talk; which I regretfully engaged in.

Finally near the end of the run, just as I was about to finish she pushed my shoulder to ask me if I wanted to grab a drink. I was thrown off because I was focused on my finish and because her push was more a shove and I fell to the floor. I wanted to read her for filth but instead just yelled... "leave me alone... I have a man!" She got the memo! As did the gym.

Redditor u/lil_Chickens wanted to hear how the boys out there let down a lady or two by letting them know... we bat for the same team girl. They asked... Gay men of reddit, have you ever pulled the "I have a boyfriend" on a girl? If so what was their reaction?
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Talk show host Wendy Williams is being accused of a wide range of intolerant behaviors after a rant on her show in which she told gay men to "stop wearing our skirts and our heels."

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A woman in Washington DC heard from her neighbors about gay men wearing provocative attire that included leather straps and mesh thongs attending an event at a local bistro.

That did not suit her at all.

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Being gay is special. It's too long to explain it all, just trust the truth. Ladies... and maybe some gents, accepting the way God made is all is a very sobering experience. Telling the gay truth can be... no... IS empowering but can also be very entertaining.

Redditor u/InFinder2004 wanted to hear from all the men of same sex persuasion about trying to chat with the ladies by asking..... (Serious) Gay men of Reddit, what was your "Sorry ladies, I like men" moment?

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