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Hobbies are great, but they can get awfully expensive very quickly. Not every hobby is going to cost you an arm and a leg, though; some are even completely free!

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Have you ever found yourself handing over some hard-earned money while wondering "why am I even paying for this?"

There are some things that absolutely should be "free" - or at least not an extra fee on top of some already-paid money. So let's talk about them.

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Nothing in life is free. If it seems free it still comes at a cost whether it costs in environmental impact, time, energy, or wear and tear, it is hard to imagine anything completely free. However, some things being free from monetary cost would be a tremendous benefit.

Although there have been many attempts by different organizations to make things like water, medical care, and education free there are equally as many who oppose it. One could argue that providing free education would reduce spending in others areas in a big way.

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I understand capitalism and more often than not, I am a fan. I understand that nothing in life is free and you get what you pay for, also, everyone's time is worth something. And I fully comprehend that taxes are necessary to fund our cities and our basic ways of life. I am clear on a ton of that. However, there are just certain, basic, obvious things in life that shouldn't have a price tag. There is enough money to go around for a few free things. And I'm not alone in this opinion.

Redditor u/starep wanted everyone to share about what things in life should be available to all without a monetary value attached by asking... What should be free?
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When we think of cults, we think of creepy chants and sketchy charismatic leaders who victimize vulnerable people. We tend to imagine it as a sinister thing that happens elsewhere and would be impossible for "normal" people in "the real world" to fall into.

We would be terrifyingly wrong.

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