first world problems

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Reddit users aren't often very realistic or self-aware when it comes to their privilege, but every now and then we get a thread like this one.

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"I'd rather be thin than famous." So began one of beat poet Jack Kerouac's poems in his iconic volume, Mexico City Blues.
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Sometimes it's the little things that carry the most weight.

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Having lots and lots of money is wonderful. Having very little money is really stressful and terrible.

But apparently it's a little more complicated than that. Once poor, now wealthy Redditors weighed in with some truths about what happens when money starts rolling in. Spoiler: "Mo money, mo problems" is totally a real thing but money is also really cool because you can buy helpful stuff.

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For those of us new to the idea of a first-world problem, it is a problem that only exists to those of us privileged to have consistent running water, electricity, etc.

People who get caught up in first-world problems are often the subject of ridicule because studies show it's mostly just not that deep.

So if we use creative third world thinking, perhaps we can solve these problems.

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