first date

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First dates are already weird and awkward the majority of the time. You never really know a person until you hang out with them one-on-one, and in those cases, you can see their true colors and find out who they REALLY are.

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We looooove a first date. (Read: Nobody loves a first date.)

First dates are awkward. No matter how good they end up being, they start off awkward. There's always nerves surrounding them. Am I going to impress them? Are they going to impress me? How are we going to get along?

Do we kiss? What do I say? How do I be myself?

Wouldn't we all like a little more guidance?

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A first date is kind of an awkward experience already, because you're basically sussing out the other person to see if you connect in any way.

Especially in the age of Tinder, first dates are so removed from normal human interaction that it's impossible to predict how it's gonna go.

But sometimes, you know that it DEFINITELY should not be going like that.

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Dating is kind of like continuous job interviews for a partner.

As such, certain questions and assertions become important right away. You need to know if this person is going to be a good match, and there are layers you can begin addressing right away.

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First date horror stories are seriously some of the best cringe-reads possible, aren't they?

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