911 isn't always used correctly or well.

Sometimes people call 911 when they really don't have to. Other times people get themselves stuck in the dumbest situations.

Firefighters are on the front line of these dumb situations more often than not.

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Firefighters have ha super stressful, often very dangerous job. They save us from terrifying situations, and many find it to be quite a rewarding career. It's a little less rewarding when they're having to save us from our own stupidity, though.

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Harrisburg NC Fire Department, Jeff Rasmussen/Facebook

Firefighters are no strangers to uncommon situations in their work, but the crew of Engine 3 in Harrisburg, NC were still surprisingly cool under pressure when they found themselves in charge of 2 local children. When they boys' parents both needed to be transported to the hospital after their father had a medical emergency, the firefighters said taking care of the kids while they waited for their grandparents to come get them just seemed like the natural thing to do.

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