People Debate Which Actor Would Make The Best Devil
Photo by Sander Meyer on Unsplash

Why do we love the Devil?

We can't help ourselves.

He's one of the most ancient and cryptic characters of all time.

And when he's on screen... you can't not watch.

Currently on my soap opera "Days of Our Lives" one of the main characters is possessed.

It's so much fun.

Now who needs the Devil on their acting resume?

Redditor 70701 wanted to debate some casting choices. They asked:

"Morgan Freeman was well accepted as the actor to play god, which actor would you nominate to play the devil in all future depictions?"
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People Explain Which Things Are Actually Easier To Create Than To Destroy
Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

The beginning is always easy.

The end is always an issue.

That's why it's the end. Final.

I've always found that true about writing.

Where else does it apply?

Redditor JimmyJoeJoe__ wanted to discuss all the things that are way too easy to begin. They asked:

"What’s easier to create than to destroy?"
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People Explain Which Items They'd Save First If Their House Were On Fire
Photo by Adam Wilson on Unsplash

One of life's biggest fears for many, including myself, is fire.

Sure fire can be sexy up close and personal... in match or candle form.

But fire taking out your house and all of life's memories? That is a lot to take. I mean... hello... "This is Us."

We have to be prepared though. We have to be fire-ready.

What do we save before we run?

Redditor T3RM1N8T0R wanted to hear what items really are on some people's most prized possessions list. They asked:

"If your house was about to burn down, what would you try to save first?"
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