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People Explain Which Characters They Hated As A Kid But Love As An Adult

With age comes wisdom—hopefully.

And with wisdom, our perspective changes—hopefully.

So it's only natural our opinions on certain characters from books, movies or TV shows change as we get older.

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People Explain Which Villain They Just Can't Bring Themselves To Hate

There is nothing better than a great villain.

They are what makes a great story.

What would be the point of Batman without The Joker or Catwoman?

Who is Luke without Vader?

As an actor, I've always had the best time being the villain.

They're just more in tune with life. Even when they're bats**t crazy.

That's why we never forget them.

Redditor Rito_Harem_King wanted to discuss the bad "guys" we just can't shake. They asked...

"What villain can you just not hate?"
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People Break Down Which Fictional Characters People Should Stop Glorifying
Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

I love a good bad guy in fiction.

Who doesn't?

The villain is always the juiciest character.

In the end, they're the most broken and flawed. So they have the most to unearth.

But as generations have passed, and on a second glance, there are some characters we maybe give a little too much respect to and love to.

I mean, you don't watch Dateline NBC and root for the serial killer. Right?


I blame the book Wicked. It turned the villain story upside down... and The Sopranos.

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People Explain Which Fictional Character They Find Weirdly Attractive
Chauhan Moniz/Unsplash

Fictional characters in cartoons and movies are drawn to portray those characters' personalities. Our hero's look like people we want to be friends with, the leading ladies are conventionally attractive, and our villain's look like someone we want to avoid. However, what if we develop stronger feelings for these animated characters?

Well, one Redditor wanted to know which fictional character we found attractive. This was clearly something on the internet's mind as over 19 thousand people commented about their various attractions.

Some of them weren't even just about their looks, but their charming personalities.

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People Break Down Which Fictional Characters They Hate With A Passion
Image by azzy_roth from Pixabay

I love characters I love to hate.

Even when I hate them I can always find the reason they're involved in the story, so I find it difficult to want them to be erased.

Certain characters flaws and the most heinous decisions are written to further story and bolster the audience's love for the heroes.

So as much as we loathe them, we need them; much like our enemies in real life. That is what makes compelling drama.

Redditor u/nekoandCJ wanted to spill the tea on the characters we could do without in our favorite stories by asking:

People of reddit, what fictional character do you hate with a passion?
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