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We all have fears. Some are the spectacular phobia kind, things like spiders and heights. And other fears come from all the media we consume, the narratives of abduction and murder that dominate television and movies.

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Step on a crack, break you mother's back. I tell you that phrase has haunted me for decades. It was told to me by an adult who was clearly messing with my head, but the way he made me feel, my body has never forgotten so to this day. I jump over all cracks I see. Just in case. I'm also superstitious. You're welcome, mom. We all have fears that seem irrational, even to our own minds, but we just can't help being held hostage sometimes. Thank God for therapy and vodka.

Redditor u/SweetP1078 wanted everyone to discuss all the phobias and life anxieties that hinder the everyday by asking.... What's your strange irrational fear?

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Sometimes being a human means living a life full of fear, or at least, harboring lots of fears at every turn.

But there is always one fear that stands out more than the others. One fear that makes you seriously reconsider getting out of bed in the morning. And it can easily take over your entire life if you're not careful.

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Full disclosure- when I was a kid, I was TERRIFIED of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I couldn't handle Violet Beauregarde turning into a blueberry for some reason. Luckily I outgrew it, and now it's one of my favorite movies!

These Redditors had similar fears to mine as a child. Here are some of their best stories.

u/kumquat_kutie asked: What's an unusual thing you were afraid of as a child?

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One of the most wonderful things about being a kid is not necessarily having the language to say what's going on or why something makes you feel the way you feel in that moment. You just feel that way.

That can be freeing for kids and immensely frustrating for adults. Adults acquire reasoning and think, "Why did I care so much about this?" Kids have no such skill and as such are free to feel the thing unabashedly.

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