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Women Explain Which Mistakes Dads Make Raising Daughters

Reddit user Bluemonday82 asked: 'Daughters of reddit: what's the biggest mistake dads make with their daughters?'

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"Daddy's Girl, Daddy's Girl, I'm the center of Daddy's world..." ~ "Daddy's Girl" by Red Sovine

A lot has been written about the bond between fathers and daughters.

But there's always room for improvement, right?

And who better to offer constructive criticism than daughters?

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In every relationship, there are bound to be some tough conversations, like how to budget and deciding whether to move somewhere new.

But there are other conversations, like getting a paternity test or going through someone's phone, that potentially imply a lack of trust.

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There are people who spend their adolescence and early adulthood dreaming of being a parent.

And those people should have every opportunity to achieve that dream for as long as it remains a life goal.

Then there are people who never feel the pull to be a parent.

But society tends to only ask one group "why."


While asking any person that question is rude AF—seriously, don't ask people why they don't have/want children—the anonymous realm of AskReddit is a different environment where people can be honest with few repercussions.

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Parenting isn't always fun. Parents may love their children, but frustration is normal and expected when raising kids.

Things get more thorny once the child is older, too. As a child grows and matures and develops their own personality, parents might find themselves sparring with their children more often than not.

But airing grievances—especially about one's children—can be considered taboo in some circles.

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Dads Explain How They React When Someone Says, 'So, You're On Babysitting Duty'
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay
Old gender stereotypes pervade every facet of society. Under the umbrella of parenting alone, we could spend all day naming them.
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