Fighting between family is always difficult. Whether justified or not, it’s never easy to make decisions and draw lines that cut out people who’ve been involved in your whole life. Redditor Least_Ninja_3286 isn’t on the best terms with some of her family members. Because of this, there’s conflict between her and her sisters. The original […] More
The decision to remove yourself from someone’s life is a powerful, and often final, act. The process removes this person from your sphere of influence but also removes you from theirs. Of course, not everyone is happy when they can’t continue to exert control over situations that are no longer within their power. So how […] More
Blended families can make for a rather tricky dynamic. Ideally, step-children and step-parents will welcome and be welcomed into their new families, and eventually feel like blood relations. But sadly, that isn’t always. the case. Redditor FredWalker37 thought that his new wife and step-daughter had acclimated themselves well into his home with his son. Until […] More
One always wants to be there for their family when they find themselves going through a hard time. And it’s nice to think that those same family members you helped out would also be there for you if need be. But that sadly simply isn’t always the case. Redditor JuanitaaRodriguez and his sister both found […] More
Co-parenting can be a difficult task to juggle. You’re trying to work with someone you’ve probably already agreed you don’t really work with. However, Unlikely-Bunch2986 did her best to give her ex the benefit of a doubt. When things started going wrong, and a new opportunity presented itself. Now, the original poster (OP) is stuck with […] More