People Describe The Most Toxic Fanbases They've Ever Seen
Photo by Nicholas Green on Unsplash

All of us have something that we tend to "geek out" over.

This could be a book, television show, actor, singer or sports team.

But some shows or celebrities have a considerably wider fanbase than others, as evidenced by the terms "Trekkies" or "Beliebers".

Some times, members of these fan bases are so passionate, that they often come off as obnoxious or aggressive, possibly even hurting the reputation of the people or product they go wild over.

Redditor vejack was curious to learn which fan bases the Reddit community tends to find the most off putting, leading them to ask:

"Which is the most toxic community/fan base that you know?"
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People Share Their Most Controversial Star Wars Takes
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Ever since Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope opened on May 25, 1977, a devoted fanbase developed.

And that fanbase has opinions.

Lots and lots of opinions.

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People Share The Fan Theories That Make So Much Sense They're Considered Canon
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Fan theories are almost like the conspiracy theories of fandom.

Except they don't lead to people refusing to follow public health guidelines during pandemics or storm the United States Capitol Building.

Instead they can spread so far and so often the line between wishful thinking on the part of fans can get confused with canon—the works of a particular fictional realm that are recognized as genuine.

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People Break Down Which Clever Fan Theories They Completely Believe To Be True
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When a piece of art or entertainment is sent out into the world, the world is going to consume it. And immediately, where that creation goes is largely out of the hands of the creator.

For an illustration, look no further than fan fiction and fan theories in chat rooms across the internet.

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