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A good story—whether it's a book, movie, manga or TV show—can really draw us in.

We can get invested in the story to the point we begin to have real feelings about the characters.

That's why having a favorite character die can cause real grief.

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crowd of young people standing and cheering
Nicholas Green on Unsplash

Try as I might, I just can't get into the Kardashians. I think most of us are tired of them, actually.

But their fanbase is massive and they are pretty much the American version of the royal family. They wouldn't have attained that status without a legion of loyal fans who eat up everything they do, contributing to a massive collective social media following.

But fans of the Kardashians are just the most high-profile fanbase you might know about.

There are others you might not be so keenly aware of.

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People Share The Fan Theories That Make So Much Sense They're Considered Canon
Phil Shaw on Unsplash

Fan theories are almost like the conspiracy theories of fandom.

Except they don't lead to people refusing to follow public health guidelines during pandemics or storm the United States Capitol Building.

Instead they can spread so far and so often the line between wishful thinking on the part of fans can get confused with canon—the works of a particular fictional realm that are recognized as genuine.

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People Decide Which Fictional Realm They'd Want To Call Home
Clem Onojeghuo/Unsplash

One of my favorite things to do is imagine myself living my best life as a citizen of some fictional world.

What would life be like if I had super powers? Or magic? Or could water-bend?

But with my luck I'd just be a regular-degular-shmegular person surrounded by supers...

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One thing that a lot of young book and movie nerds can relate to is falling in love with a fictional character. That may sound weird to the normies, but it is a very real side effect of being a fangirl/boy. It's just a part of nerd culture at this point. Here are some examples of fictional characters that real life people have fallen for.

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