family incidents

Catherine Scott/Wikimedia Commons

The way your significant other––or friends or acquaintances––interacts with their family can explain a lot about them, for better or worse. When Redditor MrDath asked the online community "What was your "that explains a lot" moment when you met someone's family?" the answers were about as revealing as you'd expect.

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Oh family, can't live with them, can't live without them. Well, unless you want to. With a bonded family comes history, a long, dynamic, entangled often muddied mess. There are always going to be stories that are told incessantly to the point of nausea and usually they will be embarrassing and showcase you during your life's craziest or worst moments. History is history, family is nuts... what are you gonna do?

Redditor u/KitKatKittyBoop asked everyone to drudge up some family history by wondering.... What became known as the "incident" in your family?

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