Psychological Experiments With The Most Interesting Results
Photo by Loïc Fürhoff on Unsplash

The human brain provides endless fascination.

Which is why doctors and scientists continue to perform experiments to study how it works.

On both lab animals and human beings.

These experiments often provide remarkable, sometimes unsettling results.

Giving us new insight to the way we think, decisions we make, and how we function in life.

Even if the practice of many of them is highly questionable from an ethical standpoint.

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Have you ever wanted to figure something out so desperately for the good of others, but realize that in order to find the answer you would have to skirt moral, human ethics to incredible degrees?

Welcome to the world of being a scientist. You are always hungry for more information, but have to realize there is a line that you cannot cross when experimenting, especially with human test subjects.

But that doesn't stop 'em from dreaming.

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We all fall slave to the quirks of others and life in general. There are incidents in life that have trained us to react in ways that are out of our control. A certain smell can make us cry, a significant sound can trigger the same bodily rote response, a song can make us hungry... no joke. Much like the teachings of the great manipulator Pavlov and his pooches we too are conditioned in ways we may never even recognize. Sometimes it's an unplanned behavior sparked by the mercy of life other times... people are messing with us.

Redditor u/nirvamandi was wondering what small details have we been conditioned with in life by asking.... What Pavlovian response have you developed?

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