escape room

Escape Room Employees Describe The Weirdest Thing They've Seen A Group Do To Escape
Image by Clockedin dk from Pixabay

For participants, the magic of the escape room depends on maintaining the illusion that you are, indeed, trapped inside a strange environment.

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Escape rooms are a game phenomenon that has really taken off in recent years.

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Escape Room Employees Share The Stupidest Things People Have Done To Solve A Puzzle
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Escape Rooms are essentially those early 90s point-and-click computer games come to life. You need to possess innovation, creativity, and a lot of ingenuity to find your way out. There are only so many different ways you can figure out how to get that obviously fake phone open so you can retrieve key #3 of 14. Unfortunately, not every idea is a good idea, and many can lead to disaster.

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